Danny Pudi talks race

Danny Pudi (from NBC show Community) headlined a panel event co-hosted by the Asian Pacific American Student Association and HapaSC, and I jumped at the opportunity to photograph it for the paper. His personality dominated the panel; even though the subject was how to break out of stereotypes and other challenges that Asians and mixed race people face in the entertainment industry, he knew how to flip the switch from serious advice to joking about being half-Indian and playing “Sanjay” in 7 gigs.

He was a hit, and he humored the fans that strayed the Q&A to life at Greendale Community College (see the video).

Left to right: Susan Hua, Danny Pudi, Shane Yoon, Daniel “DPD” Park (Ktown Cowboys)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xba4TpRJE8]