A Few Memorable European Moments

My 2 months in Europe are over, and I'm starting to go over all the photos and videos I took abroad. There is probably close to 100gb to review, and a lot of experiences I just couldn't get on camera. But the ones I did get are really fun. Here are some of the best moments from my backpacking.

London, England

Cheering for the hometown hero, Andy Murray, at Wimbledon

Meeting USC's Olympic athletes

2012-07-25 19.47.48

Amsterdam, Netherlands Rented a bike and rode through the fields in the countryside


Prague, Czech Republic Saw a Czech punk show at an industrial dive bar, with an Australian and some fun Chileans

2012-08-08 23.25.06

Krakow, Poland Made some awesome Polish friends and saw Snoop Dogg in concert

Slovakia Rode in an ex-soldier's personal tank. Riding in this crazy guy's tank was the most fun I have ever had almost dying.

2012-08-14 09.21.13

Budapest, Hungary Shot a shotgun and an AK-47 in a Hungarian strip club / firing range. They have those in Hungary. It's like Walmart, but with shotguns and strippers.


Lots to pick from. I shot 6 guns in total, including a Glock and a revolver.


Belgrade, Serbia The best pub crawl in Europe, which includes a stop in some guy’s flat at his homemade bar, and this dance party on a boat.


I'm truly exhausted after this trip. It was the longest and most extensive travel I have ever done. Some numbers, for perspective:

  • I visited 17 cities across 11 countries
  • Used 10 different currencies
  • Stayed in a room with 1 bed
  • Stayed in a room with 26 beds
  • Had McDonald's twice
  • Missed 1 bus
  • Learned "Give me a beer" in at least 7 languages
  • Called home once (SORRY MOM)
  • and NEVER had a night of sleep longer than 7 hours. I estimate that I traveled around 15,000 miles, there and back.

My travels are nowhere near over, though. Through September and October, I'll be in New York City, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Tucson, and back home to San Francisco. Big plans for next summer as well, but those will be secret for now!

Safe travels guys, and more updates to come soon!